• Sunplus Full Black PV Module
  • Sunplus HiU 4 Series Bifacial Solar Panels
  • Sunplus 660 Watt Bifacial Solar Panel
  • Sunplus Residential Solar Energy Storage Solution
  • Commercial Industrial Energy Storage System

Sunplus offers solutions for Residential, Commercial and Utility





We have only professional specialists

Sunplus was founded by Michael Woo and Carl Martin. Both of them have 10+ years experience in solar industry. Sunplus is open to share stocks with partners.

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Clean energy

is important.
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Our world runs on the energy we produce. Clean energy production allows us to generate the energy we need without the greenhouse gas emissions and negative environmental effects that come with fossil fuels, in turn helping to reduce climate change.


1Why 100% clean energy so important?
Moving to 100% clean energy is essential for reaching net zero, alongside action that reduces energy use in transport, buildings and other sectors.
2What are 5 benefits of renewable energy?
Improved public health. Inexhaustible energy. Jobs and other economic benefits. Stable energy prices. Reliability and resilience.
3Why should I go to solar?
Federal and States offer credits for solar energy. Enjoy 0 electric bill.
4Which solar panel should I go to?
Sunplus full black module is an ideal option for homeowners and our bifacial module is the best option for commercial projects.
5What's the Warranty?
25 years warranty for the full black modules and 30 years for the bifacial modules.