- Black Module

425 W

Module Power

21.76 %

Module Efficiency

25 Years

Product Warranty

30 Years

Power Warranty

Core Advantages


1What are the advantages of Sunplus All Black Modules in residential market?
1st, Sunplus bifacial modules can generate more power under the right conditions. When the rear side of the module is not blocked, the light received by the rear side of the bifacial module can significantly improve energy yield. 2nd, the glass-glass encapsulation structure of the bifacial module has better resistance to environmental erosion by water vapor, salt-air fog, etc. 3rd, Sunplus builds efficiency supply chain and guarantee much competitive price than on the market.
2How does Sunplus guarantee module supply?
Sunplus has the largest module production capacity in the industry, with more than 65 GW in its integrated capacity network fully guaranteeing the supply of modules. In addition, the production network facilitates the global distribution of modules with the help of land transportation, railway transportation and sea transportation.
3How does Sunplus ensure module product quality?
Sunplus's Integrated capacity layout can guarantee the traceability of each module, and our highly automated production lines feature end-to-end inspection and analysis processes to ensure that each module meets the highest quality standards. We select module materials according to the highest standards, with the requirement that all new materials be subject to extended qualification and reliability tests before being incorporated into our products, which passed third party lab such as UL,CSA testing.