- Home Energy Storage

sunCore Series is a unique home battery innovation from Sunplus, a global leader in energy management.

Get to know sunCore+.

1Does sunCore+ pair with my solar array?
Yes, sunCore+ is designed to work with any new or existing solar systems to store excess energy from the sun and the electricity grid. The smart battery management software intelligently controls when the stored energy is used to power your home - during peak times of day, at night or in an outage. While you can install a SunCore+ without solar, we recommend pairing it with solar to power your home with clean energy and keep the lights on during longer outages. Please consult with your sonnen certified installer to design the system that is right for your home.
2Does sunCore+ provide backup power?
Yes! Like all sonnen home batteries, the sunCore+ protects your essentials from power outages, including keeping your lights on, your home network running and your refrigerator cold (up to 20kWh). The number and kinds of appliances you can backup varies. Please consult with a sonnen certified installer on your backup power needs to design a system that is right for your home.